Delaware Life Ransomware Attack: Group 1001 Offers Identity Protection Services, $1m Identity Theft Insurance

Aug 1, 2023

Following the Delaware Life ransomware attack on February 9, 2023, holding company Group 1001 has offered identity protection services and identity theft insurance of up to $1 million to the Delaware Life breach victims.

Upon detecting the Delaware Life ransomware attack, the company took prompt action by initiating an extensive investigation to gauge the scope of the insurance data breach, it said.

According to the update shared by the company, a team of reputable third-party forensic experts joined the investigation of the Delaware Life ransomware attack. 

Delaware Life has been in the cybersecurity news since the February ransomware attack, and the complicated sale of its subsidiary, Delaware Life Insurance Company of New York (“DLNY”),  in May.

Delaware Life ransomware attack: Relief to victims

The investigation revealed that the threat actor accessed certain of our file shares and copied a limited amount of information before deploying the ransomware,” said the latest update on the Delaware Life ransomware attack.

“It is important to note that we have not received any reports that personal information has been subject to fraudulent activity.”

The Group 1001 announcement stated that they are actively investigating the breach to determine the types of information compromised.

The company assured to notify any parties impacted by the incident once they have the full data on the Delaware Life ransomware attack.

As part of compensating the victims, the company announced comprehensive identity protection services, including credit monitoring, dark web monitoring, identity theft insurance up to $1,000,000, and fully-managed identity restoration.

“We are offering these services to affected individuals free of charge for 24 months,” said the company.

Company responds to Delaware Life ransomware attack

In February 2023, Group 1001 faced a ransomware attack where some member companies experienced system interruptions that infiltrated their information technology infrastructure.

In response to the breach, the team initiated an investigation and promptly informed the FBI. They immediately isolated the affected systems from their network to contain the threat.

During the investigation, it was revealed that the threat actor gained access to specific file shares and managed to copy a limited amount of information before deploying the ransomware.

There were no reports of fraudulent activity related to personal information, the company assured then. 

Once the systems were restored, the team carefully examined the affected files to identify any personal information at risk.

They are currently in the process of notifying individuals whose personal data was impacted and providing them with enrollment procedures for identity protection services.

Were stakeholders affected by the Delaware Life ransomware attack?

After the brief period of system interruptions caused by the Delaware Life ransomware attack, Group 1001 Insurance member companies, including the Delaware Life Insurance Company of New York (DLNY), fully resumed their operations.

Two months later Delaware Life Insurance Company of New York (DLNY) was sold to Nassau Financial Group.

The team worked closely with forensics experts to scan all systems for indicators of compromise and promptly addressed any identified issues.

They also enhanced security and visibility across their network by implementing advanced endpoint detection and monitoring tools. Only after comprehensive scans confirmed system cleanliness did they restore operations.

Throughout the process, the team maintained constant communication with regulatory authorities to keep them informed of the situation.

They plan to continue investing in infrastructure enhancements to fortify the security of Group 1001’s network and systems.

Group 1001 Insurance confidently stated that the attack had been successfully contained and that normal operations had been fully restored.

The security of their information and that of their contract holders and stakeholders remains their top priority. 

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